Madison and Charlie


"Thank you so much we love them. "



"We love him so much and wanted to say thank you for such a loving, curious and spunky pup!"



"Thank you for giving us such a special little addition to our family. We named her Maizy and she is doing great. She seems to be adjusting to her new life with us. We are working on potty training with cheerios. She sleeps all night most of the time. She wakes us up when she needs to go potty. We love her playfulness and spunk. She also loves to cuddle when she gets tired. She is precious and we love her!"



"Just wanted to touch base and let you know that our little "Moose" or "Moosey" is doing great! She is so sweet, smart, adjusting well and so much fun."



"Thanks sooooo much for the newest love of our life.  Koda is such a smart , playful, and loving puppy."



"She does not like the cold at all! :)  She can jump very high and she loves to play ALL THE TIME!  LOL!  She sure is making herself at home and loves it here.  She is quite the princess around here." 




"She loves to sleep on her toy! On her back! I never seen dogs that sleep like that!"

Terry Family


"Hi we adopted the black and white male from you a few months ago. We just love him to pieces!"



"Here are a couple of pictures of Harley 3 weeks after we brought him home. He is a loving and active puppy. Thank you very much."



"Trooper is a full member of our family. We love him and his little strut. He's full of personality. He loves chasing the boys in the backyard and chasing balls. He follows me everywhere.
Thank you so much Kathy & Rod for allowing him to be in our family."



"Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that our puppy is doing great and we love him so much!  He is 11 ½ pounds and all rough and tumble boy!  Anyway, I’m sure everyone thinks they have the smartest dog, but I think we do."



"To say this puppy has been the joy of so many people's lives would be an understatement.  From  the day after I brought her home she has gone to work with me visiting the elderly population in nursing homes across the State.  She is so friendly and as my vet would say "the most personable Yorkie I have ever met".  She is smart and it took no time at all to potty train her and she absolutely loves to meet new people and go to new places.  I have been asked many times "How do I get a dog just like her".  I have taken her hiking with me and when she gets tired she is content to ride in my backpack the rest of the way.

Thank you so much for bringing this creature into my life.  She is an absolute joy and in my opinion the cutest Yorkie on the planet.  She does her name sake justice as she is the best retriever of balls in the world and I am certain would make a mean shortstop."